Dear intelligent beings around the universe,

The Earth is not doing well.  Corruption and hatred are in control of most of the world’s governments.  They are using this control to kill us and keep us from reaching our true greatness.  I’ve been trying to send my thoughts out to the universe but no one has answered the call.  Probably because I haven’t ever experienced any kind of psychic activity. :( I do meditate in hopes of reaching out to the universe for help.  

I personally struggle every day to conform to this world they’ve forced us to live in.  I watch as everyone around me is unhappy.  Horrible problems, people dying, their creativity being shut down and destroyed.  Love being forced out.  99% of the American population has no idea that they are being boxed in by the government that’s in control.  Their brains are filled with lies in the form of Advertising.  Art has been reduced and conformed to the point of being solely money based with almost no artistic creation.  Movies, television, music, and video games, the most popular art forms to the culture, are being designed solely with money in mind.  They follow patterns that have developed from research on what the American people enjoy.  These advertisements are in their faces for the majority of the day.  

Money may be the worst thing in existence.  Money keeps us from advancing as a society.  People are raised to value and revere it as god.  They think no one can be happy without money.  Their motivations in life are to buy houses and cars and clothes.  The true self is lost because it didn’t fit the mold and was forced out.  They had to make room for name brand products.  Everyone develops a set of name brand products throughout their childhood that they use to show other people the kind of person that they are.  This set of products that each person develops becomes a “hobby” that they must spend money to maintain.  

At some point during childhood our creativity and spirituality are taken away from us through brand loyalty.  Very few people make it through intact anymore.  Every person I know is the product of the things they enjoyed in their early childhood.  I didn’t make it through unscathed.  I have been obsessed with 80s products and culture for most of my life.  Luckily, the types of movies I was watching gave me positive images of what it really means to be a loving, truthful, honest, spiritual being.  They also caused me to force my parents to spend their slave money on on slavery toys.  I myself continued to buy these toys far into adulthood.  I have only just recently overcome part of this myself.  I still have to work on the video games.

Food is one of the most troubling issues.  For an unknown amount of time in excess of 40 years, we’ve been fed poison.  There is evidence of this documented throughout multiple popularly watched sources.  However, the majority does nothing to change their dietary habits and continues to ingest poisons daily without remorse.  The drugs and poisons they fill our foods with are designed to make us eat more corrupted foods as well.  People struggle with their addiction to foods because that’s exactly what the food makes them do.  This has all been planned for a long time and there are documents to prove it.  I myself have struggled and continue to struggle with this every day of my life from years of eating name brand junk foods that were designed to taste great and make you want more.  I was unhealthy, unhappy, and I thought I was having a blast.  I didn’t care what happened, it was all a party to me.  

Younger generations are having an even harder time of it.  Television, film, and video games are at the height of their money based artistic value.  These things are created ingeniously to illicit certain feelings in you.

Luckily the internet was there to save me from falling for their trap.  Unfortunately this knowledge has left me in a particularly awful situation.  My family doesn’t understand any of this.  If I talk outside of my family or close friends, people seem to get angry at me for it.  The source of news to the common man is designed to create fear.  Fear of difference, change, and evolution.  When they are scared they become angry.  I moved away after the anger started to show itself so I don’t know if Yoda(one of my name brands of “choice”) was right or not.  Now I no longer want money at all.  I don’t need it to be happy and survive.  So I want no part of working and paying taxes so I can buy things.  This of course is the strangest thing in the universe to most people.  People insult me for it.  They hate it. “You’re just lazy!” “Get a job!” “SOME OF US have to WORK!”  

Outside of work, school is the other option for a budding youth.  School where you are trained to follow directions and forced to spend money you don’t have, thus locking you into further slavery.  ”I only have to work x amount of years to pay off these student loans!”  Then what? follow the directions they force you to take: must reproduce.  Create more customer slaves.  Do what you’re told.

Choice is an illusion here.  Should I eat Burger King or McDonalds? Should I buy Nintendo or Sega? Droid or Iphone?  Meaningless choices that people are ALLOWED to make once they earn enough paper to hand back to their masters for letting you live.

All we can do is meditate in hopes of being at peace with ourselves(despite our pineal gland being destroyed by our food supply.)  Live in the moment, be yourself, don’t hurt others, question everything, help each other.  Love EVERYONE.

The only rational answer here would be if the numbers were finding the way to an important star in the heavens… a star associated with the solar deities revered in all ancient civilizations and in the case of Freemasonry… the “blazing star”.

3 5 7

200000 years ago we started having these bodies.

stoned ape theory picks up eventually and carries us starting 50000 years ago. 

consider how quickly our technological advances have been.

10000 years ago ice age hit an advanced civilization that had lasted at least a few thousand years…

one of the higher forms of humanoids is a half beast, half human being that can communicate but are at such an absolute extreme of emotional control and ability that they become this final form being of absolution.

dmt is a link that mother earth makes with us to communicate it’s help to us.

"The more complex the mind, the greater the need for the simplicity of play.”

Road trip across the country again.

Looking forward to having heat for a few days.

This song describes my life as of late.

Well I’m goin’ out west(I moved to Seattle)
Where the wind blows tall(There are some strong winds)
'Cause Tony Franciosa
Used to date my ma
They got some money out there(My friend is making a lot of money)
They’re giving it away(He let me stay here for free)
I’m gonna do what I want(I came here to figure out a way to do what I want)
Do what I want
And I’m gonna get paid(and get paid for it)

Little brown sausages
Lying in the sand
I ain’t no extra baby(I feel different from everyone else)
I’m a leading man(I feel like I should be the guy people look to)
Well my parole officer(my parents)
WIll be proud of me
With my Olds 88(Just me and my car the entire way)
And the devil on a leash
My Olds 88
And the devil on a leash

Well I know karate, Voodoo too(I’m into everything)
I’m gonna make myself available to you(I came ready to do anything)
I don’t need no make up
I got real scars
I got hair on my chest
I look good without a shirt(self explanatory ;)

Well I don’t lose my composure(I’m always calm)
In a high speed chase
Well my friends think I’m ugly(I hope they don’t :(
I got a masculine face(facial hair)
I got some dragstrip courage(my penis)
I can really drive a bed(can do chicks(aw yeah!))
I’m gonna change my name
To Hannibal or maybe(Tried to come up with a good name to describe me)
Just Rex
Change my name to Hannibal
Or maybe just Rex

I’m gonna drive all night(The drive out here)                                                           Take some speed(drugs)

I’m gonna wait for the sun(sunrise after youve been driving during the night)
To shine down on me
I cut a hole in my roof
In the shape of a heart(i open my heart to everyone)

And I’m goin’ out west
Where they’ll appreciate me(I think they did, but it wasn’t for me)
Goin’ out west
Goin’ out west

The Ascension of Grimloche Part I

So I just sort of meditated I guess? I don’t know what you’d call it.

Background: I have this theory that the Sphinx is trying to awaken us to our higher selves.  It’s based on a lot of things I won’t get into right now. 

Here’s what happened.  I close my eyes and I’m transported to the Sphinx which I do often.  It’s like I just picture myself there very vividly in third person mode.  Sort of like the World of Warcraft camera where you can spin around your character.  I watch myself scratch the Sphinx’s left paw.  It raises up and starts slamming down and raising back up over and over like it is being tickled. As it turns out there are yellowish sandy stone stairs under the paw.  I slip in during one of the upswings and start to walk down a corridor.  Initially I thought the light was coming from track lights on the top of the walls.  I could see a left turn up ahead pretty soon after entering.  I walked to it and turned down some more steps, this time they were metallic.  I came to a small room with a cylinder going up through the middle of it. From the door I came in there were four doors of different sizes. The one to the left was a small empty cabinet.  The one across from me… might have been a painting or just a block on the wall now that I think about it.  I didn’t pay it any attention because I knew it wasn’t a door.

I open the door to the right of where I entered the room and see a long metal catwalk.  I start walking down it and this is where I realize the lights are staying above me and hovering. They don’t seem to be attached to anything but I have light. I fast forward in time a few hours and I’m still walking.  I then decide to meditate in the dream. I feel myself pulled into my dream body through the pineal gland that I saw glowing in myself as I came in.  After a few seconds the catwalk shrank down and a door was right in front of me.  I open it and look at the room for a while before I go in.  There’s a chair in the middle of the room with a lot of random electronics.  I feel like I imagined a printer or office noises you would hear but I realized it’s because I didn’t recognize the sounds. 

At this point I sit in the chair and a screen comes on.  I don’t understand any of what’s going on but I just think, “yes do what you want to do”.  At this point I feel like energy is being beamed into my pineal gland. I sat there for a long time before breaking it and opening my eyes in real life.  My forehead has felt interesting since. I feel like I’m somehow forcing my third eye open.  It’s pretty cool. :)

Pictures of face when eating something and face taking a dump.